Module 3: stopping

These are the most common stops in roller derby. Some stops you will find are easy while others will be a struggle to master. Everyone is different. Try alternating weak and strong sides when practicing. If you are feeling adventurous, there are more advanced stops such as hockey stops and power slides. The Plow Stop is probably the most important stop in roller derby as it's a fundamental positioning for blocking a jammer.

Plow stop

Putting pressure on the back of the skates to push outwards, and the front pointing inward


Dragging one skate behind the other in a T formation while all 4 wheels engaged and causing friction.

sticky skate

Using a pumping motion to move all 8 wheels forward without lifting them from the ground.

pivot stop

Turning 180 degrees quickly and putting pressure on the toe stop to come to a stop.

godzilla stops

With skates in a plow position, lift one skate at a time in a stomping pattern to slow to a stop.