Module 1: Balance

Proper balance is the most fundamental element for successful roller skating. We recommend you practice balancing any chance you get. It could be at the photocopier at work, or when you are watching roller derby videos at home. There are balance boards and other items you can purchase to help strengthen your ankles but your body and your roller skates is all you really need to build great balance.

You will need to be able to do the following activities ON SKATES. We recommend standing in your skates on a soft surface such as grass or carpet to get started until you feel ready to hit the pavement.

skating posture

knees bent and flexible, shoulders back, center of gravity low and forward

one leg lifts

lift one foot and balance on one skate at a standstill

Level up and do it during a slow roll


step quickly and cleanly in all four directions without rolling or instability


cross feet in both directions without losing balance, stumbling or falling

toe stop hops

Hopping on on toe stop up and down and side to side.

one footed glides

Glides on one foot and able to balance weight over the one foot