Module 2: Falling Safely

Falling is an inevitable part of roller derby. Falling safely takes practice and focus. The inability to fall safely will get you ejected from a game. You can also cause damage to your knees if performed incorrectly. Repetition is your friend. You will need a little bit of room to practice these skills. A parking lot or driveway will probably suffice.

knee taps

While skating, bend one knee and make light contact with the ground without stopping.

rock star

Sliding on knees to stop, landing on one knee at a time and pulling your upper body back to balance.

4 point

Falling on hands and knees together, keeping your head and body tucked.

fall small

Falling with hands and legs tucked into the body to reduce impact to others.

fast recovery

Ability to get up quickly and return to the previous rate of speed.

bad fall

A few examples of unsafe falls.