New Skater Training

Course overview

This course is designed to teach you, the new skater, the skills necessary to begin your exciting roller derby experience.  You will focus on 5 key areas and will progress at your own pace. We encourage you to spend time practicing these skills any chance you get.  Once we feel you have mastered these skills, we can move you onto the fun stuff: full contact!

balance - falling safely- stopping - speed -agility


Roller Derby starts with the correct gear.  

Take a look at this short presentation for tips on gear safety and fit.  

Required Gear

Optional Gear


Each Module below will have a list of the required skills along with instruction videos and tips on practicing on your own.  

We recommend that you practice all of the skills in a module before moving onto the next module. This will help you build a solid skating foundation.

Recommended Off Skates Activities

about peach state roller derby

Our mission is to develop, encourage, and empower roller derby athletes by providing training and community in a welcoming and supportive environment where we elevate each other to become our best selves.

Our vision is an accessible and sustainable sport that defines competition with character and represents true individual empowerment.

We value:

Teamwork - Community - Diversity - Inclusivity - Authenticity - Camaraderie

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